Granite Blocks

When your company is looking for truly unique granite, Nelson Granite is your supplier. Our colors cannot be found anywhere else, and they represent unsurpassed quality and the very best in dimensional stone. Nelson Granite offers rough blocks in all of our granite types and at almost any size. The largest size we have shipped to date was a block weighing 96,000 lbs.


Nelson Granite offers extremely competitive pricing on our standard as well as custom dimensions. Contact us with your requirements and we will be able to supply granite block to fit your needs.

With our year-round facilities and seven quarries, we always have a large block and slab inventory. Our clients receive the quantity and, above all, the quality that they were looking for their project and fabrication needs. We can expedite our rough blocks quickly, through a wide array of transportation systems, to clients across North America and around the world. Our blocks and slabs are stored in our warehouses in Vermilion Bay, Canada, as well as Elberton, Georgia, in the United States.

When you need a quote or more information about any one of our granite types for your project, Contact Barry Kingston. He directs all of our block sales and can provide you with pricing information.