Mill Wheels

Get authentic millstones from Nelson Granite. Used over a century ago to grind grain, today millstones have found new life as focal points in public parks and private estates. Landscape designers often convert them into fountains or use the millstones as decorative art and courtyard centerpieces, however, they are equally popular with homeowners, business owners, architects and developers, looking for something special.


All of our millstones are 100% genuine granite, so they will last forever. Unlike concrete millstone replications, granite does not deteriorate due to freeze-thaw cycles, and the color will never fade. As well, granite millstones are maintenance free and vandal resistant. This is what makes Nelson Granite millstones a perfect choice for any residential or commercial landscape project.

The Centerpiece in Landscape Design

Available in five stunning granite colors, our millstones come in two sizes, 30 inch and 40 inch, and feature a furrow in a starburst pattern. While solid reminders of simpler days gone by, these granite millstones have a contemporary look, which adds to their popularity.

One of the reasons millstones have become an excellent choice for garden and landscape design is their adaptability. With a little imagination, millstones have endless possibilities!

Focal Points

Create an unforgettable focal point with Nelson Granite genuine granite millstones. The curve of the millstone works in harmony with almost any garden or landscape design, as it complements the curve of a garden bed, or softens the straight lines of a home.

Courtyard & Patio Centerpieces

Embedded in the centre of a courtyard or patio, these 30 or 40-inch millstones are the perfect inspiration for your landscape project. Use genuine granite cobblestones to enhance your patio or courtyard design.

Fountains & Water Features

The elegant simplicity of a millstone, combined with the everlasting beauty of solid granite, creates a soothing water feature for any private home or public space. As the water flows over the surface, it sparkles and accentuates the many colors, shades and hues inherent in natural granite.

Entranceway Showpieces

Millstones can be used creatively around doorways and building foyers. Use them as a centerpiece for the threshold of a front entranceway, or arrange to have them cut in half to become steps.

Whatever your landscape plans, a Nelson Granite millstone can play an integral part in your project. Call us today to get prices and information on our 30-inch and 40-inch millstones.