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Columbarium Replacement Program

When Nelson Granite started designing and building columbariums we vowed to make a better unit than any other available on the market at the time. We know granite because we quarry it directly from the Canadian Shield and then manufacturer it in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

With the idea of a true "forever" product as our objective, we designed and constructed our initial products of 100% granite. Today we continue to build 100% granite columbariums, built to stand the test of time. You will NOT find any inferior materials such as concrete, aluminum, wood or fibreglass in the core or frame of our products. Did we mention our columbariums are made of 100% granite?

With so many inferior products on the market and many of them failing, the need to replace them has become more urgent. With replacement units already on the ground, our Columbarium Replacement Program is in full swing. We encourage all cemetery board members, mayors and council members to inspect your columbariums in your cemetery. Me educated, know what to look for and ask the right questions. Click here to read, 4-Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Columbarium

When a family inters a loved one they don't intend on doing it twice. And when you purchase a Nelson Granite, "forever" products, you won't have to replace it down the road. 

Don't compromise on your definition of "forever".

For more information or to find out more about our Columbarium Replacement Program, contact Karl or Sarah or give us a call at 807-227-2650.


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