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Granite Mausoleums

A 100% granite mausoleum honours and commemorates the lives of our loved ones in a significant way. The elegant and timeless design, coupled with our superior craftsmanship, results in a true forever product and an impressive testament to a life well-lived.

Ensure your cemetery or funeral home offers a wide variety of options, including above-ground interment. Above-ground interment options, like mausoleums, are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional, in-ground burial.

What is a mausoleum?

A mausoleum is a free-standing structure designed for above-ground, full casket interment. Mausoleums range in size, style and appearance to accommodate your needs. They have been used for burial since Ancient Egypt – technically the pyramids are extremely large mausoleums!

Why choose a mausoleum?

Mausoleums are excellent for those who choose full-body burial but prefer an above-ground resting place instead of underground burial. Mausoleums offer many benefits for cemeteries, including:

  • permanent resting place is maintained and looked after by the cemetery, giving loved ones peace of mind
  • able to inter at any time of year, no need to wait until the ground thaws after winter
  • provides protection from weather for visitors (if choosing a walk-in mausoleum)
  • can make efficient use of vertical space where space is limited, depending on the type of mausoleum selected
  • adds visual interest to cemetery landscaping

What should I consider when choosing a mausoleum?

When considering a mausoleum, you can choose the materials, style and colour. Nelson Granite is proud to offer 100% granite mausoleums in several styles and exclusive colours, ranging from single crypt mausoleums to larger, nine-crypt mausoleums. Spare parts can also be ordered from Nelson Granite by clicking here.

Explore our gallery to see our mausoleums, or view our product listing to see everything Nelson Granite has available.

The Nelson Granite difference

When Nelson Granite started designing and building mausoleums, we vowed to make the best units available on the market today. Our company knows granite, quarrying it directly from the Canadian Shield and manufacturing mausoleums right here in Northwestern Ontario. With the idea of a true forever product in mind, Nelson Granite mausoleums are made of 100% granite, designed to stand the test of time in your cemetery. Read more about Nelson Granite.


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