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Nelson Granite Quarrying & Manufacturing Operations

The Nelson Granite quarry, manufacturing facility and head office is nestled along the shores of Vermillion Bay, Ontario, in the stunning yet rugged wilderness of the Canadian Shield. For over 100 years, we have conducted business anchored in traditional values, while endeavoring to incorporate the most innovative, state of the art granite manufacturing technology and processes.

Our granite is over 2.9 billion years in the making – perfect, unique and highly sought after. The mastery and skill of our craftsmen and women release the true beauty of some of the best granite in the world.

We operate our quarries and granite manufacturing facility all year around with some of the most modern drilling equipment available. Our team includes highly qualified diamond drilling, ground radar and exploration experts, supported by dedicated office and sales professionals. Team spirit and positive attitudes are contagious and contribute to the cohesion and success of Nelson.

Our granite manufacturing facility, design team, sales department, support staff and management are all located under one roof. This allows us to achieve a seamless process that is agile, prompt and effective.

We currently mine granite from six quarries in Ontario. And we continue to explore new quarry locations for future development.

Once the granite is mined, we use it to manufacture high quality columbariums, mausoleums and monuments for individuals and communities across Canada and the US. Granite from our quarries is also shipped to granite manufacturing facilities worldwide and transformed into monuments built to last, stunning stone floors, external cladding and building blocks, creative mosaic and tile patterns, tiles for backsplashes and bathrooms, granite countertops, beautiful mantelpieces and staircases. Granite also shines as gemstones in men's and women's jewelry.


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