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Quality Granite Monuments

According to Wikipedia, “the origin of the word ‘monument’ comes from the Greek mnemosynon and the Latin moneomonere, which means 'to remind', 'to advise' or 'to warn', suggesting a monument allows us to see the past thus helping us visualize what is to come in the future.”

Like the Greek, Latin, Asian, Egyptian and Indian masters before them, the team at Nelson designs and manufactures dramatic three-dimensional granite monuments that will someday help tell the story of an ancient civilization. Some of our projects include: stunning memorials, unique architectural projects, community landmarks, one of a kind signs, columbariums, mausoleums, paving stone and creative landscaping projects.

Our granite memorials beautifully commemorate loved one’s lives and provide a long-lasting memory to remind us or their importance in life and beyond.

Our granite monuments are meticulously designed and painstakingly produced by craftsmen who are at the top of field. These masters utilize the most technically advance equipment to facilitate cutting and polishing absolutely brilliant designs. The finer details are done by the skilled hands of men and women who take pride in every piece. The iconic monuments they manufacture will commemorate a person or an event for years to come.

The granite we use is expertly extracted from our quarry and is hard enough to resist most abrasion, strong enough to bear a significant amount of weight, inert enough to resist harsh weather, and a rock that can accept a brilliant polish for a striking memoriam. The main minerals in our granite are silicates, feldspar and quartz, with the most important mineral being quarts. It’s not granite without quartz. Monuments made from our granite in highly uniform and unique colours, are incredibly durable and will last for centuries, providing a symbolic and physical presence of our society, tradition and family heritage.