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How cost plays a role in cremation decisions
If plots are just a few hundred dollars and a niche is a few thousand dollars, is cremation really the less expensive option? Read More read more arrow 1a
Steady Trends in North American Cremation Rates*
The 2020 numbers are in and cremation is the new "traditional" burial Read More read more arrow 1a
Important Notice: Cremation is not a fad
There is a growing concern in the monument industry and cemetery groups that cremation will be the downfall of the death-care industry... Read More read more arrow 1a
Scrap the RFP Process
It is doing your community more harm than good Read More read more arrow 1a
Municipal Cemeteries
Making the right decision in the wake of cremation Read More read more arrow 1a
Columbariums 101
An Essential Service for Cemeteries Read More read more arrow 1a
Columbarium Niches 101
The dramatic increase in cremation rates in North America, and the desire to find a special place for laying loved ones to rest has seen an increase in demand for ... Read More read more arrow 1a
Why Choose Nelson Granite?
Nelson Granite is the largest quarrier and manufacturer of memorial products in Canada and one of the largest in North America. All of the granite we use is quarried by us in Northwestern Ontario. We are ...  Read More read more arrow 1a
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